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I dream of greenie essential oil aromatherapy candle set

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The candles in this set were made with lots of patience, loving kindness and new making methods.

Candle 1 - Poured into a small cylindrical smoked glass cup. Made with ground dried eucalyptus and eucalyptus globus essential oil. Eucalyptus is an excellent scent for energy and emotional rebalancing, concentration and logical thought. Burn time on this candle is around 12-15 hours. 

Candle 2 - Poured into a beautiful and bumpy smoked glass holder. Made with ground dried peppermint and true peppermint essential oils. Eucalyptus is an superb scent for: Regenerating, emotional refreshing, self acceptance, concentration, vitality, vibrancy. Burn time for this candle is ~15 hrs.

All of the containers are reclaimed objects and are meant to be re-used. All MotherFUNK candles are made with hemp wicks, essential oils and soy wax. 


  • Burn within sight
  • Keep away from flammable objects
  • Keep away from pets and children
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