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asanoha soy wax candle

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The name for this candle is inspired by the traditional Japanese Asanoha pattern, the pattern is found in the crystal formations of this candle holder. 

Asanoha is a pattern representing hemp leaves. Hemp has strong vitality and grows vigorously without the need for a lot of care, so this pattern was often used on babies' and children's kimonos with the hope that they would grow up big and strong.⁠

All candles are a clean burn. Made with soy wax, hemp wick, fully natural essential oil blends, dried herbs. The container is a beautiful light champagne colored crystal. 

This candle is made with Vanilla Essential Oils and topped with Star of Anise. 

The vanilla essential oil is sweet, warm, complex and comforting. 

Burn time for this candle is ~60 hours.